tagged on at the end, a few hours in belgium
so the elf could see her best nursery friend 
who moved there last december

'are you scared, mummy, that m. and i 
will get together again?'
'i'm terrified, my sweet'

the little partners plunged straight back into 
their life of crime, it was a joy to watch
but mummy also threw furtive glances around -
what if we have to move here in a year or two,
now that anything is possible .   .     .



j said...

Partners in crime reunited,what a nice treat.
Despite the trepidation in your voice I'm glad you are seeing the uncertain future as a possibility.
xo, j

Patrice A. said...

sweet you
i have been around
several times
to look at your beautiful images
full of grey and white
but i haven't commented
how can that be?....
i love what you show
that sweet fairy of you
among the white painted trees
and brussel is so, so close
to where i live ;^)))

from the bright and sunny

Patrice A.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful details of your trip :)
little a. looks like a grey riding hood :)

Amélie said...

i don't know Brussels
an amazing place it looks
and now in my mind, it will be
painted white trees and inhabied by graceful fairies.

Suzy et son lapin said...

beautiful pictures...
as always.