the chestnut trees were in bloom
in paris
and it was overcast but we didn't mind
out in the parks, the cobbles,
our comfortable little nest in the marais
(thank you dear p + b)
it was a wonderful time
even if not/never enough

and then - hop - onto another train
to drizzly brussels .    .     .



vingtseptembre said...

Beautiful !
I'm glad for you...
And my letter is on it's way too..

Amélie said...

i knew i'd love Paris seen by your eyes.

eau de nil said...

thank you, S
thank you, A

j said...

one day...paris
thank you for showing me through your eyes and words.
xo, j

coco said...

oh xenia, i am falling i love with this post. you make me feel like i am in art gallery.