in a crisis, people will either take care
or take advantage of one another. 
our next-door neighbour, who is unemployed,
has been bringing fresh country eggs for a. every week
in that old-fashioned 'let's keep the children healthy' way
i remember from my childhood
and her gesture moves me deeply.


a freshly made bed and nobody at home
the bliss of a 5-minute hot-day siesta :)

have a beautiful week!



Anonymous said...

those small movements
are so heart warming.
freshly made beds
are always tempting :)
a happy new week to you xenia!

Patrice A. said...

such a small gesture
but a major impact
heart warming

wishing you a fine week too!
Patrice A.

v said...

Amélie said...

this is so moving. small and essential gestures.
enjoy your week!

. said...

because the richness of people doesn't lie in their possessions.
you are lucky to have such neighbour!
a beautiful week to you too x

coco said...

waht are thoughtful neighbor you have and you are lucky. and at the same time, she/he might be happy one to have
a good neighbor who can share the eggs.

every time, when looking your post, i am loving the simplicity and yet beautiful atmosphere you have here.
have a beautiful day!

shipbuilding said...

beautiful and heart warming
eggs are one of my favourite things to receive
so much can do done with a simple egg
keep your spirits up

k x

j said...

Such a basic, beautiful and timeless gesture.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Much love,
xo, j

olga inoue said...

have a nice weekend, dear xenia

such a thing, from people
it leaves everything else
somewhere far away.
i am happy it surrounds you,
just like it suppose to

Demetris said...

Have a lovely weekend X! What a great gesture by your neighbour!
Greetings from the Far East....