she always looks down when she walks, like me,
in case she misses a leaf, a stone, you never know
'we don't have this one in our collection, mamma'
her trophy from our walk in the old town


she could not quite believe such a job existed in real life
when a friend, a heart transplant surgeon, visited the other day 
so i suggested she too might become a doctor and help people one day
she sighed hard and said 
'but there is so much else i want to be when i grow up'
'like what, my sweet'
'well, i want to be a mummy'

should i tell her a mother's job is never done
the client is rarely satisfied
the pay is - what pay?
there are no holidays or changes of career
but i wouldn't want to curb her ambition :)
so i hug her and tell her the truth
that it's the best job in the world
the greatest privilege



Metaxi Mas said...

Rarely tears spring to my eyes when I read entries on a blog or see a picture so touching of tiny feet in big shoes. You manage to capture the fine grained details of your life in such a way that this blog is the most beautiful gift, to us but certainly to your husband and daughter.

eau de nil said...

thank you, my dear Lisa
+ i know how you feel about the tiny feet in big shoes
over in your house :)

. said...

Oh Xenia this post is so so beautiful!I can hardly find words...(you know how hopeless with words I am, but I know you guess my feelings).

Patrice A. said...

beautiful images
and beautiful true words
straight into my
mothers heart

thank you!

Amélie said...

dear xenia,
this is such a magical post, from your photos to your words. love those tiny legs into the big big shoes!
...yes, the best job there is, and our daugthers -wishing to become mothers - can see through our hearts, the wonder of beeing one.

Demetris said...

Never thought heart surgery, mamma's job and small feet in big shoes would make such a poetic composition ...until I started reading your blog! Glad to see P's visit was inspiring!

shipbuilding said...

divine and straight to the heart

k x

Lea said...

I am always your most humble fan, beautiful one.

olga inoue said...

coming here again and again
in order to find the right words,
oh. dear xenia. you both are such
a beautiful souls

Hwasoon Kim said...

Big hugs for both.