a weekend at the family home on the limestone hills, 
reading late into the night to music from a christening feast 
carried down the chimney

the vines were fresh and lush, the roadsides stitched with caper flowers
+  queen anne's lace - did you know that when you cut the stem and place one
in water the little clumps of flowers just keep on growing,  
like small independent satellites?



j said...

there is such poetry in your words...
the Queen Anne's lace is just starting to come up here
have a lovely week beautiful one
xo, j

AK said...

What a beautiful set– mesmerizing grey and blue and white. Reminds me of early morning light. Thank you!

olga inoue said...

my dear xenia,

this flower, we wrote a tiny book
about it with my pupil once and
when a looked at your photos
i turned the pages of it once again

thinking of you, too

and your greys are always
the warmest ones

la casita said...

It is believed (by some) that this flower has both earthly and cosmic qualities and its essence helps to unify the two poles as one.

shipbuilding said...

...all of the above
just beautiful

k x

Anonymous said...

i didn't know it called like this.
it's very pretty.
and the bowl too :)

Patrice A. said...

your words
like a poem
we call this flower
whistle herb


Amélie said...

queen anne's lace
whistle herb
poetry and delicacy
floating in fresh water and pale blue
perfect for a light summer day

eau de nil said...

so happy to hear from you all
and learn from you - thank you!