"mais c'est comme le ciel, cette mer!"
she said as it came into view
a thin horizon barely dividing the two blues
it was like a magnet, we swam and threw pebbles in it
until the sun went down  



la casita said...

and it's so so beautiful, as your words.

j said...

even to just look at the water is refreshing these very hot days.
xo, j

Metaxi Mas said...

Just what we needed. Another 120 hours and we are back home!! There, where this sea is in reach and the north of England far far away!!!!!!!

Patrice A. said...

images and words
we too are
enjoying the water
and the sun!


Anonymous said...


shipbuilding said...

what beautiful colours
rich inky blue and grey
the wonder of the sea
never fails to excite

k x

coco said...

how do you make fresh lemonade? would love to hear.

Demetris said...

Blue my favourite colour....now I know why!

eau de nil said...

thank you all, dear friends, for the kind words, for coming by