the green summer lemons gave a fresh, sweet sorbet
shared with friends one night in the back garden

and as for the lemonade, dear Coco, you need ripe yellow ones, this 
is my 97-year-old grandfather's recipe:

so he says you need 3 cups of lemon juice to 2 cups sugar, you put them in a large bowl and you stir a lot with a wooden spoon until the sugar dissolves. you let the syrup rest a while, then you stir some more, and you can repeat this process a few times during the day, you cover it overnight with a tea towel and then stir it again the following morning (you could carry on for even longer, it just gets finer and finer) and then you pour it into glass bottles and store in the fridge. it might eventually form a thick, cloudy layer on the top but that's alright, you just shake the bottle before pouring out. when you want to drink some, you just put a little at the bottom of a glass (about 1-2cm according to your taste) and then you top up with water. you can add ice cubes or even sparkling water for some fizz, and a few fresh mint leaves.


νεφέλη (nefeli)  |  nebula  |  cloud

we're waiting for a little girl called cloud .    .     .



Metaxi Mas said...

Nefeli reads this in London airport and is so proud that even 'the Internet' is waiting!!

Demetris said...

I will therefore be honoured to have some refreshing vintage lemonade in a couple of weeks...

Anonymous said...

i want to try your grandfather's recipe!
mmm! refreshing lemonade!
how long does the syrup lasts in the fridge?

and may i ask how you made the sorbet?

beautiful cloud!

coco said...

i made it today but couldn't resist, so i tasted it, it was still sour!. i will let it sit for a day till it get smooth taste.
i think the key is the wooden spoon and slow process as your grandfather does.
you described this like a sweet story of your grandfather. thanks so much.

Amélie said...

The lemonade sounds wonderfully resfreshing. Just perfect for these days of heat. I'll prepare one tomorrow.
We're longing for clouds...

shipbuilding said...

simple and beautiful
I love that all you need
are lemons, water and patience

k x

j said...

Thank you so much for sharing the memory and recipe.
I'll definitely be trying it next weekend, when I have time to myself again.
Glad you are well, the photos are a beautiful mix of texture and tone...really lovely.
xo, j

Patrice A. said...

that cloud....

Patrice A.

eau de nil said...

MM > so glad the cloud has landed :)

D > counting the days - αλλά κιτρομηλάδα γίνεται;

Ε > it lasts for a few months in the fridge. i'll try and send you a recipe for the sorbet, so easy :)

C > so happy it worked out in the end :)

A > no hope for real clouds here but i hope yours have gathered to give some relief!

s > patience is my grandfather, dear kim

j > thank you, i look so forward to reading about your time away

PA > i had fun making . . .