nursery school is over, favourite class friend emigrated
and 'big' school is looming, dark, unknown, daunting
so we distract around the hot town
with museum visits, ice cream, tight-rail walking  .    .      .

( and still in that white dress !)


Demetris said...

Your photos are full of light and beautiful colours...they will fight the dark and the unknown X! Little A wearing that white dress...is the distraction

vingtseptembre said...

C'est beau Xenia !

la casita said...

It's hard to grow up.
Beautiful images Xenia...and I'm afraid I really like all that light ;^)

Amélie said...

wonderful white wall and shadows...what a light! the spirit of summer.
enjoy your summertime.

j said...

I can hear the flop of her sandals on the stairs...and love the thick braid!
such a lovely moment, thank you so much for sharing.
xo, j

Hwasoon Kim said...

luciaLu said...

il posto più bello dove vengo a rilassarmi ...grazie!