'la rentrée'

first day at primary school today and
i thought she'd cry rivers
but she gritted her little teeth instead
drew a couple of pictures, did some maths
borrowed a book on dolphins from the library, and made a new friend.

and mummy is so relieved,
maybe even a little proud :)



la casita said...

ah great! so happy to hear she's settling well in her new school.

shipbuilding said...

oh phew!
I hope you are also proud of yourself
may there be many happy days
of drawing etc ahead : )

k x

Demetris said...

Great start to a different life of adventures!

Anonymous said...

a good new school year for little a.!
may you always be proud of her!

j said...

Dolphins and pencil shavings.
Well done mom!
You should be very, very proud.
Hope all is still going well.
much love
xo, j

Amélie said...

Such an important moment! Yes pride and relief I also felt on Elsa's first day at primary school. It's been two years ago ... and just seems like yesterday.

v said...

oh i am so happy for you both my dear x!!: )

here it is autumn now. beautiful colors in nature and such a lovely crisp air. days are turning shorter, the daylight is decreasing.....i could have managed very nice without the increasing of daylight but that is just how it is to be living in this country. just need to be extra generous with bying myself flowers and yarn in colors that uplifts in this coming dark season : ))

much love