i've been finding it difficult to 
jump down the rabbit hole 
into the virtual world these days
life is looking for a rhythm but
the heat has been intense -
though there are signs, a yellow leaf here, a sudden breeze there :)

thank you for the wishes
i spoke a bit too soon
a. cried twice on the second day and howled on the third
but this morning she punched the air when she got there
i think she's made her peace


those beautiful sashiko stitches were made by coco
she generously gave them away on her blog and we won,
lucky, grateful us!



Anonymous said...

it got cooler here today. rain and chill.
i wish you to find your rythm dear xenia.
little a. is a very brave girl!
i hope she will enjoy every school day!
and yes you were very lucky in coco's giveaway ;)

Patrice A. said...

soft and warm

we have autumn
and now i long for summer....

a. is brave
and i had to think of you and her these past few weeks
because my youngest went to secondary school
like your a. it's so different from
what he knew and liked....

not the easiest job

Patrice A.

shipbuilding said...

it is the same with work sometimes
especially after a holiday
the first day back is good
the second not so great
the third day is terrible
and by the fourth
the weekend is just another day away : )

k x

Amélie said...

marvellous greenish golden light through the leaves. Autumn's not far...
Chill and rain have welcome us home on our first day back from holidays.
Here also, the school-year rythm is still faltering. All our wishes to brave little a. on her new route...

j said...

Hope the heat soon takes a rest and leaves you cool breezes.
As Shipbuliding said above, I often feel that way about work too!
A. will find her rhythm soon.
I've been avoiding the cyber "rabbit hole" too.
Love that phrasing!
stay cool
xo, j

olga inoue said...

and again, wishing to a. happy days
in her new world. it is always so tricky
to begin,

with your first signs of autumn,
we had first signs of winter with
tiny snow

good night, dear xenia