it took us by surprise 
this first autumn term
the heat, the tiredness of the afternoon,
what it takes to learn how to read and write
two languages at once 
and the emotional costs of new friendships

but now the first drops of rain have fallen
the little routine is slotting into place
and mornings (well, it's technically still dark at 6.30)
start with a hug and smile.



la casita said...

the best way to begin your day!
I'm still try to figure out how to put a "teleport" button in my blog!;)
have a restful weekend

Anonymous said...

with an αγκαλιά enerything seems easier and better :)
little a. looks exhausted :D
very nice palm tree!

shipbuilding said...

oh yes...
what a beautiful way to start the morning
wishing you cooler days
and happy friendships

k x

Amélie said...

a hug and a smile can
will always start beautiful days
hope you have a wonderful autumn
time to rest and recover.
your images are dreamlike
and I'm in love with the floors of your house!

Kenza said...

What a beautiful blog you have! Visiting it for the first time and falling in love. The fact that I have a little 4 year old also helps! Thank you for sharing such beautiful simplicity. Kenza.

Demetris said...

A cyber hug and hopefully many more la la la's in your lovely home care of A! Miss you all D

j said...

Such a lovely way to greet the day...
I adore the sheet of paper filled with a song,
much love
xo, j

olga inoue said...

beautiful penmanship,
dear a.! and a nice tune,

our mornings are darker and earlier, too

so happy that autumn has arrived at your place

eau de nil said...

thank you all for your words and wishes
'hug' and 'smile' to you all

K > thank you, so wonderful to see you here + such beautiful photos over at your blog!

D > how we miss you . . .

o > cursive is lovely but it comes with some pain, especially when you don't quite have the motor skills yet :)