a visit from my sister, the first family cold, quinces from a friend's orchard,
an ombre leaf from the garden, shades of our autumn .  .    .

+ a toussaint holiday, we're off to our village home for a few days - looking forward to huge gulps of country air. happy weekend, until soon!



Amélie said...

dear Xenia, what a beautiful evocation of fall.
these golds and deep greys. and the ligh, so delicate.
enjoy your toussaint holidays...

la casita said...

you have captured the spirit of the season wonderfully.
enjoy your stay in the countryside.

Kenza said...

Beautiful evocation indeed. Thank you.

Patrice A. said...

wish you a fine stay
while i enjoy
your beautiful images


Demetris said...

Enjoy the long weekend...and the All Saints holiday! Nothing like the fresh air of the countryside: Muskoka did it for me this weekend!

j said...

Your photo of the quince takes my breath away.
I thought of you when buying a pomegranate at the grocery the other day *smile*
xo, j

coco said...

i wonder how incorportate quince in your diet.
have a lovely weekend.