i thank you endlessly
dear v
for my warm, woollen feet
as the wind gathers
same-coloured clouds overhead
and turns them into autumn rain .   .     .



v said...

WSAKE said...

warm feet are so important:)
and those socks are wonderful!

Amélie said...

Beautiful socks. And I definitely love your floor!

eau de nil said...

v > my dear v, i love them so much and all the time they remind me of you, your generosity - thank you again and again: endlessly


Patrice A. said...

i have some too
from sweet v
i Always wear them
after my tai-chi/yoga class

wish you a fine week

Anonymous said...

how pretty!
and they make good combination with your surroundings :)

j said...

Cosy toes and hands warmed by a mug of tea,
xo, j