from our weekend in the village
where time slows enough 
to bathe in sunsets,
and the silence is thick, the dark dense

[both photos by k]


Anonymous said...

a beautiful atmosphere in the second foto :)

v said...


shipbuilding said...

oh...I would like to be there
to wander and bathe in sunsets
I hope it was just what you needed

k x

Demetris said...

Wish I were there...

yukino said...

it's really like i feel bathing in the thick orange sunlight.
last days of beautiful late autumn.

here also the sunlight came lower,
and i again enjoy the lights through
the crystal sun catcher

Patrice A. said...

i would love to
show you around
one day ;^))

eau de nil said...

so glad you all liked it, it always feels al little outside time + so far away from it all

s > it was just what we needed, dear kim, thank you! it would be lovely to go sunset-bathing with you one day - come!

D > let's try this time

y > yes, the sun hangs low
always in the eyes

P > thank you!

Amélie said...

old stones and golden light.
bathing in sunset light, what a wonder
magic is here

j said...

Everything in my country is so new.
I miss listening to the cobblestone tales of far away lands.
The feet, hooves and wheels that have echoed off those stones and walls seem to still fill the air.
Thank you so much for this moment.
xo, j