for a little friend called lily .  .    .

happy days!



Patrice A. said...

how beautiful
wishing i was lily

Patrice A.

la casita said...


Amélie said...

oooh! this is so so precious
what a wonderful treasure
adorable house-suitcase!
i also wish i was lily :)

Kenza said...

Joli! Joli!

Anonymous said...

what a cute little suitcase :)
and those colorful flags make me happy too!

Demetris said...

I wish you many more happy happy days! See you during the last week of November...for more happy days I hope!

coco said...

i thought of you while making hot
lemon&ginger today. hope there is sunshine on your side.

eau de nil said...

thank you dear all :)

c > the clouds are bubbling up, but that's a good thing . . .

eau de nil said...

D > can't wait to have you back to share happy moments :)

j said...

Oh my!
The beauty in that little suitcase!
Again, you astound me with your world.
Hoping you are well.
xo, j