the aftermath of a last-minute all hallows' eve party 
for two little witches (and their mothers)
we think we like that twig there
and might keep it to hang leaves, pebbles, feathers 
and other loot from our walks .  .    .

happy weekend! 



Simone . Frankfurt am Main said...

i love the bough so much .


Anonymous said...

looks lovely- really like the impression of motion it creates

Kenza said...

It is lovely!

Demetris said...

Happy weekend to you too...! Would you like some paperworks from Queen Street West in Toronto?

la casita said...

it looks great, minimalist Halloween decoration ;) ...the best!
speak to you soon xx

Patrice A. said...

i had a branche like that
for years
when the kids were young
sometimes i miss those days


olga inoue said...

it is always hard to find
the right decoration. this one
is just perfect, xenia

Anonymous said...

nice twig and beautiful table under it!

Amélie said...

so poetic
beauty and delicacy for halloween

j said...

Keep it as you would a vase for flowers, a continuously changing display.
Happy belated Halloween.
xo, j

eau de nil said...

thank you dear all, so glad you like it,
(yes, j, like a vase for flowers or a nature table) it stays up then :)


nicole said...

LOVE it!

tiny ginko leaf said...

beautiful mobile!