be happy, my little girl. always. please.



olga inoue said...

happy day to dear a.! and happy
day to you, my dear xenia.

she is a beauty, just like you

remember how i first saw you
in the small german magazine,
where we were page apart..

eau de nil said...

thank you so much, my dear olga
i'm so happy for her but i already miss
this early childhood, so intense, so fleeting.

and you always feel so close,
less than a page apart :)

v said...

happy birthday
to your beautiful a my dearest x.
on this same day that my precious friend Gabriela is turning 40 : )
we will celebrate her with a surpriseparty tomorrow, looking forward to it.


eau de nil said...

v > thank you my dear v, and happy days to your friend, have a beautiful time!

Demetris said...

Happy belated birthday to Anna! Gosh she is so cute! I hope to see her soon!

Amélie said...

happy, happy birthday
what a beauty, little rainbow
how blessed we are to be mothers!

Patrice A. said...

happy birtday sweet little beautiful girl
and a fine day to you too
6 years
so long ago already....


shipbuilding said...

yes, it is a day for both of you
wishing you a year full of happiness
laughter and love miss a
may you always have rainbows

k x

la casita said...

happy birthday miss A. always follow the yellow brick path! xx

Anonymous said...

happy, happy birthday little a.!
days full of rainbows!

Camila Faria said...

What a sweet b-day post. Happy days to you and your princess. <3


eau de nil said...

Demetri, Amelie, Patrice, Kim, Alessandra, Evdokia, Camilla - thank you all for the warm wishes, they make leaving these six years behind a little easier :)