i want to say thank you
to all of you who come here, who leave words and goodwill
you have all helped me to see more and better,
to simplify, be grateful.

thank you!

[and yes, this is the light on the eve of winter .  .    . ]



Amélie said...

just a miracle! has winter decided to leave cyprus so that spring could come instead?
wonderful, gorgeous light. what are those magical pale pink flowers?

... and thanks to you dear Xenia, to share here such beauty.

Kenza said...

Thank you to you for giving us such a delicate view on life. It is like stepping into a dream every time I come. Thank you.

Demetris said...

You make everything more beautiful through your prose and photos…and we thank you for that!

olga inoue said...

thank you,

Anonymous said...

we thank you xenia :)

oh, it looks like summer hasn't left from your place :)

Nxxx said...

Thank you for being you... And I' m just soooo grateful that You are my sister!

shipbuilding said...

so beautiful
it is a pleasure
thank you dear xenia

k x

coco said...

you keep things simple and beautiful so well.
i thank you back to you too xenia.

la casita said...

thank you! can I send you some winter? xx

Suzy et son lapin said...

thank YOU

Metaxi Mas said...

Thank you Xenia mou. We are waiting for the book from the blog. Both your words and your images are the poetics of the web. Lots of love.

eau de nil said...

thank you all, you make it all worthwhile.