i was going to say that we're preparing for a winter that's not coming
but an almighty storm two nights ago has changed something in the air .   .    .

/     curing the first olives. we'll eat these green with olive oil, garlic, crushed coriander + lemon
//    two christmas cakes sleeping in the cupboard
///   sweet peas ready to plant out for spring

and we also made some quince paste with these.

hope your week has started well!



Patrice A. said...

how i love
what you show
every time again
it makes me calm

thank you!

Kenza said...

A touch of joy! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

mmm... the olives must taste good!
sssh, don't wake the christmas cakes :)

Amélie said...

olives, light and seeds for spring
winter indeed seems to have forgotten cyprus
winter is here
entering our lives, with strong wind and icy rain
dark nights
your post is a treasure of warmer and lighter days

la casita said...

the light is really beautiful at yours.
this year I'll have a go at making the xmas figgy pudding! finger crossed...
which xmas cakes are yours?

v said...

always fills with me with such precious peace when coming here...

sweet peas are the ultimate summerflower for me, i LOVE their scent and form/shape. such a delicate little thing...a "happy" flower indeed : )


Demetris said...

Where has the week gone "Ξ μου"

her billowing heart said...

shiningly lovely!