she asked for her own alarm clock, 
another small step towards independence
i thought, i'll soon be out of a job
but no, she barely hears it now
and still needs mamma to wake her up .   .     .     

while k is 'catching' birds in mid-flight in paris
among other things



vingtseptembre said...

A very beautiful alarm clock still !

la casita said...

:) sweet post, hope you are not too worn out ;)) have a lovely weekend zzz

Amélie said...

stunning flying bird!
... and this makes me think that we should buy an alarm clock for Elsa (and i'm sure the result will be that mamma will still wake her up in the morning :)).

Demetris said...

Adorable A is following mamma's "bad" habits of a white alarm clock...the birds are a sign k is flying back soon! Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

a. has an elegant taste :)
well mama's wake up is much sweeter than a ringing clock, i suppose :)
beautiful bird flying fotos!

nicole said...

it's sweet that your (not so) little one wishes to assert her independence but more importantly needs the warmth of her maman.

Love those bird photos! They are stunning.