"the autumn is a time when leaves come brown and curl and die. 
and you can not find the very first leaf which is turning 
for summer and winter move slowly in to one another. 
there is not one day when all the leaves are brown."

from The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon


still quiet days without k
we do the homework and then go out to the park
today we kicked a cypress cone all the way home :)



la casita said...

sweet light and autumn at yours x

Kenza said...

Oh all is so much like a dream. Thank you.

j said...

Like a slow, deep breath...
Such a very beautiful post, dear one.
xo, j

Amélie said...

what a beautiful autumn post
candle lights to illuminate the coming winter night
golden leaves never all gold
and a remains of sunshine

Anonymous said...

beautiful fotos xenia!
the second one is great!
a warm light behind the door...
hope your days become louder again soon! :)

olga inoue said...

beautiful quote.
sometimes when you read about
nature things just become clear,
about life and people.
take care, dear xenia

Demetris said...

The flame, the colour and the light of autumn...a composition by the one and only X!

eau de nil said...

thank you,
glad to share autumn's mood
with all of you

matimuk said...

love your photographs!