it's so quiet when she's at school
except for the pink clues she leaves behind .  .   .

these are challenging days with a.
the mood is adolescent
the needs still childish
i'd like to believe that soon
on the other side of this
there is a tranquil day waiting  .   .    .



Anonymous said...

good luck to you

Demetris said...

Moody teenager warnings? I am sure she will be tamed by then

Amélie said...

i love the pink clues
clues of tenderness
yes, some days may be challenging :)
yet also filled with sweetness and bliss

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful light in your home!

alessandra taccia said...

no answer for that, here is the same...a sign of these times? kids are forced to grow too fast, not from us though. courage and lots of patient, "me time" too.

michelle chamlee said...

from here, you appear to handle such matters with supreme grace.

warm thoughts to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. Thank you they speak of so much tenderness and your words as well. So in your heart, all is well. That is the most important, I think. Kisses. Kenza.

eau de nil said...

M > thank you, Caitlin, luck would be very, very useful :)

D > yes, i hope it will all fizzle out by then and she'll be more at peace with the world :)

A > it's encouraging to hear that it's challenging elsewhere too sometimes. but, yes, there is always tenderness too.

E T > there is :) we couldn't have known when we moved in that the light shows would sometimes be almost magical.

a t > i think you're right, pressure coming from many places, sometimes they have a hard time making peace with it all, finding their own rhythm within it.

m c > thank you for saying that, i try hard to take the step back, the long-term view. i wish it was possible all the time.

c > thank you, dear Kenza, the heart is full, yes.