hers + HERS scarves in liberty tana lawn
lovingly hemmed by grandmother / MOTHER

she will humour me and wear it
because she has already elicited a promise
for a pink one (hers only).


we made a leaf house for the garden fairies today.



'mapping the wind'

noema dance works
choreographed by Alexandra Waierstall

so happy to have made it to the performance - stillness baiting the wind


amazed to see a. (who was not there) dancing in the same spirit.

[photograph: alexandros niagos]


after a few days of daily yoga the stress is slipping off my shoulders. feeling almost as featherweight as this pink garden offering from a.

still trying to come to terms with this new colour usurping our happily grey lives. i'm sure the yoga will help. . .



ever since her best, next-door friend left the country, we go over the same territory every day:

'when n comes back we will drive together to the village again, our car seats side-by-side', her little heart bursting with nostalgia and learning all about hope.



"never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."
clementine paddleford, 1898-1967 [via: a butterfly in my hair]

invaluable! now all i have to do is explain it to a three-and-a-bit-year-old entering her pink fairy princess phase.

[photo by grainne photography


yesterday the sky was such a dead-pan blue that the autofocus had no foothold, and the camera had to be switched to manual. 

ceci n'est pas un autumn day...



I'm itching to start stitching again.

[shade card]
[the quietest shade of black]

wondrous embroidery by Roanna Wells


I haven't sketched since school - I wonder what that would be like.
(teenage art by me, hanging in mum's living room)





random moments of our peripatetic week. is there an end-of-summer feel, or is it just wishful thinking?

the tomatoes, freshly picked, popped flavours in all directions, but the pomegranate was all empty promise, with a hint of washing-up liquid.

first day of school survived - and in bed by 9. normality is slowly returning.



have the termite armies moved out? we don't know, but we've finally moved back in after a nomadic few days when poisonous gases swirled around our empty home.

school starts in earnest tomorrow and a. is finally learning to fall sleep again after letting go of her thumb.

come back, sweet routine, we crave you!