from our weekend in the village
where time slows enough 
to bathe in sunsets,
and the silence is thick, the dark dense

[both photos by k]


a visit from my sister, the first family cold, quinces from a friend's orchard,
an ombre leaf from the garden, shades of our autumn .  .    .

+ a toussaint holiday, we're off to our village home for a few days - looking forward to huge gulps of country air. happy weekend, until soon!



i thank you endlessly
dear v
for my warm, woollen feet
as the wind gathers
same-coloured clouds overhead
and turns them into autumn rain .   .     .



for a little friend called lily .  .    .

happy days!



it took us by surprise 
this first autumn term
the heat, the tiredness of the afternoon,
what it takes to learn how to read and write
two languages at once 
and the emotional costs of new friendships

but now the first drops of rain have fallen
the little routine is slotting into place
and mornings (well, it's technically still dark at 6.30)
start with a hug and smile.