pausing between the festivities and daily chores,
the child play, the child worry, the rain
to dip into this book, jot down a line, or twelve


for how hard it is 
to understand the landscape 
as you pass in a train
from here to there
and mutely it
watches you vanish



behind Turkenfeld
a spruce nursery
a pond in the
moor on which
the March ice
is slowly melting

and my mind is untangled, free again
i even went for a walk 
without my thoughts 
tonight i will make apple compote 
with juniper berries to scent the house
with orange and cinnamon and cloves

happy, luminous new days to you!


thank you all for the warm wishes -

merry christmas !



school is over for the holidays
(we made some eau de vie truffles for the teachers)
and we can put our routine away for a while.

there are friends around our table almost every evening
tomorrow we might drive up to the snow
each day and night as it comes.



very cold days and nights, so unusual for us
as if we're borrowing someone else's weather

a.'s simple lanterns, made with just pin pricked paper
and a jar, i was so surprised by their warm glow



we've been battling a virus with old-fashioned remedies
like olive leaf tea and bowls of steam
i think we're finally winning :)

what's left of your chrysanthemums, Δ μου
we loved them, thank you