'bottling' the calm,
the fading light of last year  .    .    .

happy dawn to all!


wishing you beautiful christmas days !



friends and family are starting to gather round .  .     .



at first i thought it was all going to be white on white
but then the greys and the blacks started to creep in

pebbles, feathers* .    .    .     funny, that.

* i liked this simple idea in a magazine of photocopying real feathers into cards or gift paper - they look like watercolours.



some old flowers on the way to be thrown out .   .     .

i mentally framed some beautiful images on the school run today against slate sky + rain that i would have loved to snap but i didn't have the camera and so i remember them all distinctly - because i do think that sometimes by taking a photograph we may let go of the memory



a pause to be with friends,
remember what's important
+ restore some energy
with this chocolate cake almost made of silk.

the days are soggy, busy, grateful
i hope you're bearing up!


ever since she was a little girl, i gave my sister an angel at christmas.
i hope she won't mind this year's handmade version
with a golden rose blooming on her head
( and some heavy eye make-up? )

on her way .    .       .



bright sun pinned against the sky
but i've been craving snowflakes
so i made some indoor ones
by pressing my grandmother's crochet bedcover
into clay


do you remember these + these? vibeke is giving one away
on her advent calendar, if you'd like to join.

wishing you a beautiful week!


the study/studio looks nothing like this
my inner elf is beginning to stir
and she is making a right old mess : )


this morning, a moist, red chocolate-beetroot cake 
for the olive pickers - one tree down, two to go.



a brisk walk around the neighbourhood
while the lentil soup bubbled on the stove
a cold wind blowing *    *         *



a weekend away
from lists, chores and time
little voices, best friends
about to be drawn apart by distance
little faces glowing in the embers
the forecasters are promising snow

i hope yours was fun .  .   .  or quiet.