at random moments
a. + i pause at the window
overlooking the garden
and watch the weather go by

it readjusts the perspectives i find
between our little life
and the bigger scheme of things,
the never-ending sun
that at least no one can take away
from us



not an easy place to be
right now the little island
with its unsettling winds + saharan dust
and stuck as it is between a rock + a hard place 

and among all that a birthday
for which i chose (perhaps subconsciously?)
this cocoon ring by iro.



the first photo was taken just before lunch
the second right after
and they only live for one day
the tiny wild irises under the olive tree,
one breath, just passing by



another order completed
making is so meditative, peaceful
+ i'm so grateful for it



it's been a mixed week
of single-mothering
difficult news
quiet contemplation
and spring bursting out of its buds
all around, regardless 

which, even if a little early,  is so reassuring .    .      .



on friday afternoon we drove to the mountains
looking for pockets of snow to play in
they looked like little white zen gardens
with rocks, wild thyme and pine peeking through

and a child and a bird left their footprint 
until next year .  .   .