'bottling' the calm,
the fading light of last year  .    .    .

happy dawn to all!


wishing you beautiful christmas days !



friends and family are starting to gather round .  .     .



at first i thought it was all going to be white on white
but then the greys and the blacks started to creep in

pebbles, feathers* .    .    .     funny, that.

* i liked this simple idea in a magazine of photocopying real feathers into cards or gift paper - they look like watercolours.



some old flowers on the way to be thrown out .   .     .

i mentally framed some beautiful images on the school run today against slate sky + rain that i would have loved to snap but i didn't have the camera and so i remember them all distinctly - because i do think that sometimes by taking a photograph we may let go of the memory



a pause to be with friends,
remember what's important
+ restore some energy
with this chocolate cake almost made of silk.

the days are soggy, busy, grateful
i hope you're bearing up!


ever since she was a little girl, i gave my sister an angel at christmas.
i hope she won't mind this year's handmade version
with a golden rose blooming on her head
( and some heavy eye make-up? )

on her way .    .       .



bright sun pinned against the sky
but i've been craving snowflakes
so i made some indoor ones
by pressing my grandmother's crochet bedcover
into clay


do you remember these + these? vibeke is giving one away
on her advent calendar, if you'd like to join.

wishing you a beautiful week!


the study/studio looks nothing like this
my inner elf is beginning to stir
and she is making a right old mess : )


this morning, a moist, red chocolate-beetroot cake 
for the olive pickers - one tree down, two to go.



a brisk walk around the neighbourhood
while the lentil soup bubbled on the stove
a cold wind blowing *    *         *



a weekend away
from lists, chores and time
little voices, best friends
about to be drawn apart by distance
little faces glowing in the embers
the forecasters are promising snow

i hope yours was fun .  .   .  or quiet.



"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to"

phew. we're all glad that's over : )
have a wonderful week!



it's true what they say, that the days are long
but the years are short

five today
five years to the day when she joined us in the world
a few minutes before midnight.

do i love you as much as on that day? more?
i'll never know the widths or depths of it.

happy days, my little girl.



our little parachute person (old handkerchief, gauze, wool)
which started off as an angel but morphed into a sumo wrestler :)

we looked at a prospective primary school today.
wasn't it only yesterday that this day seemed so far away?



it's been raining, with sun.



when she came home from her walk
with two palmfuls of acorns
i couldn't resist making her a tiny peg doll
of herself in pink boots

the hat* is removable

* inspired by olga's little people


a walk through the woods
the empty picnic site like a vast outdoor classroom
and a. wanting to sweep up every leaf off every table.



k brought us news of autumn in brussels

and books and chocolate

and two postcards of 'la fillette a l'oiseau mort'
early 16th century, painter unknown
one of them is yours, dear olga
if you'd like it

i wish you a good weekend!