that peaceful moment i was talking about .   .     .
we've already had a taste of it,
it will come 

and otherwise, it's warm, just right
the late afternoons balmy
and birds are criss-crossing the sky

tomorrow it's my grandfather's 98th birthday
there will be tea and cake :)



it's so quiet when she's at school
except for the pink clues she leaves behind .  .   .

these are challenging days with a.
the mood is adolescent
the needs still childish
i'd like to believe that soon
on the other side of this
there is a tranquil day waiting  .   .    .



early morning light 
i remember how we used these weeds to catch butterflies
in the fields next to our houses
to keep in jars and look after them as pets
(ladybirds too, in matchboxes with holes)
children can be cruel without meaning to

"i think sleepy is my favourite 'doudou', mamma"
thank you, dear alessandra, 'she' (didn't you know?) really helps us 
through the night



precious english memories to hold, and now

back home, waiting for the rain to stop
so we can put on our sandals.
and for k to return, again.

hope you've been well 
happy weekend!