for her dear grandmother
from our easter garden.

hope it's been a good day
here we had some egg hunt issues .  .    .



remember this?
we had a picnic under it the other day.


peeking into the 'immeuble à trous'
as a. calls it. 
[jean nouvel tower 25]

have a good weekend!



sunday morning 
in the new museum

[the beautiful tube chandelier (top)
is by michael anastassiades]



along the riverbed below our village house
trying to glimpse normality for a few hours at the weekend

[a. sniffs the wild mint growing by the water
together with wild garlic flowers, sorrel leaves and fennel]

thank you for all the kind thoughts and words and wishes and
please forgive me for not visiting these past weeks
my old repetitive strain injury is back after many years
and i need to stay away from the computer.
i will try to leave a trace here and there as my arms allow.

good night to you, keep well