i've been finding it difficult to 
jump down the rabbit hole 
into the virtual world these days
life is looking for a rhythm but
the heat has been intense -
though there are signs, a yellow leaf here, a sudden breeze there :)

thank you for the wishes
i spoke a bit too soon
a. cried twice on the second day and howled on the third
but this morning she punched the air when she got there
i think she's made her peace


those beautiful sashiko stitches were made by coco
she generously gave them away on her blog and we won,
lucky, grateful us!



'la rentrée'

first day at primary school today and
i thought she'd cry rivers
but she gritted her little teeth instead
drew a couple of pictures, did some maths
borrowed a book on dolphins from the library, and made a new friend.

and mummy is so relieved,
maybe even a little proud :)