salt lake (ii)

above all i think we were intrigued by the empty cocoon (image 4)
and who its former dweller might have been.

i'm always fascinated by these transformation chambers
that look like tiny pouches of felted wool.



we went back to the salt lake yesterday to greet the flamingos
but the breeze had swept them all to the other side
so all we saw were some faint pink specks 
bobbing on the water far away

but we saw so much else, 

i'll post  a few more photos tomorrow.



such a studious look
wasted on a digital camera game ; )
+ can you see the migraine on my forehead?
still, it was a beautiful day at our friends'.

i've been keeping away from my new work tool/toy for a bit
it's woken up painful memories of tendon strain
but my hands are keeping busy )

hope you're enjoying the weekend .   .     .



a little worry bead thingy (begleri) 'she' made for K's birthday 
so he can fidget with something other than our hair clips * 
she loved peeling back the tape to reveal the half-naked beads,
like phases of the moon.

we hope it won't become an all-consuming new hobby + 
    that he will also use it as a bookmark (ideally with a bead at either end)


this handwoven linen and hemp face cloth from avalanche looms
is probably the softest textile i've ever touched
and perfect in every way, like only nature can be

thank you so much, Susan*


eau de nil's contribution to a butterfly in my hair advent calendar
on its way to a raincloud .   .    .

[photo 1: avalanche looms]


winter days .    .        .
one mountain wrapped in cotton wool
the other covered in snow

                                                            i like this flaky wall palette 



a dollshouseful of (maileg) mice put together 
at about five minutes to christmas
late nights of mattress/cushion/rug/lamp/quilt/book/bread/cheese-making + painting tiny furniture while she was at school in the mornings.

it was worth it in the end, we play for hours
(but have you noticed the 'we', you see the plan misfired,
it was really meant to be 'she' .   .     .  )



we survived our second christmas - just.
even a. showed signs of gift fatigue !

[ photo 2 : the little gifts we made for her teachers ]



we spent two days in a gold and silver countryside
and when i woke up at night and went outside
i thought i actually saw the cold wind blowing
down from the mountains towards the sea.

hope you're having a great weekend!



something wonderful happened today:
eau de nil is featured on designskool -
thank you so much, Justine *




+ let's remember how
we're all made of stars  .  .   .