so here is what was in the parcel
a. let out a loud 'wow' when she saw the tiny bundles:
mouse heaven!

our mouse house is now cosier than ever -
it even has a pink cloud on (and often off) the wall -
and Elsa has taken up knitting!

for making all this by hand, we are ecstatic and grateful.
and what a beautiful place this messy worldwideweb can be  .   .    .

(wooden bench: model's own ;)


i feel so much for the little wolf
as she tries to smooth her edges
and take hold of her anger
instead of letting it take hold of her

this week she is aiming for 7 *


talking of stars, this beautiful parcel arrived for her today
mama wolf is impatient to see what's inside .   .    .



a few more pictures from our walk

it was such a silent landscape
except for the wind rippling the water
and threading through the pines.
and of course the birds.

and suddenly i remembered what it was like
as a teenager to sit still in a kayak 
in the middle of it all.
i really wouldn't mind one now.



after school today the three of us drove south towards the mountains,
turned off through a village choking with almond blossom
and on to an artificial lake for a picnic.



some shapes we make
with all the pebbles lying around the house  o    o        o



there's been a wolf lurking around these parts
always threatening to pounce

but she's been under the weather lately
we're slowly nursing her back to mischief



a pink cloud
that brought joy, friendship


i would have loved to put it on the wall (like here)
but a. wants to cuddle it
and take it with her 'on her travels'.

thank you is a little poor, dear Alessandra
but we feel it deeply




I no longer want
to take a leap forward
just slow footsteps
that might allow me
to watch the
calyx of the flower
how it stretches
to reach
the last rays
of light
how it changes colour
how it wilts, withers, dries up.

                        Niki Marangou, 1948-2013

i will miss your unique way of observing, distilling the world
then giving it back as a poem.

i will miss you.



a few more dolls house props
recently made for a long lost cousin mouse
we heard she was redecorating : )

we love her mattress sofa, her sophisticated magazines,
her knitting basket, the pictures on the wall .  .   .



yesterday, working on a garland for a new friend
pausing for some lunch in the sun
'souppa mammas' as my sister always called it
egg + lemon + rice soup she made us
(and makes us still) for when we have a cold



an almost alone sunday
i can barely remember the last one
such a little break from the norm
but it felt like a holiday : )



an inventory of summer memories 
reverently laid out,
then carefully put back in the jar.

have a wonderful weekend !