before the swimming lesson


after - the only time she ever sleeps straight through the night :)

happy weekend!



a walk alone
in the soggy streets - winter again!

and suddenly it occurred to me
she has outgrown all the small
parks of the neighbourhood where
we've been swinging, swaying and see-sawing 
since she was born
and i was taken by surprise



i'm clearing out the cupboards
to make room for .  .    .  nothing
just room - and space around 
some essentials
which is all we need i think
for a comfortable life

+ always a branch in some water,
this time from a eucalyptus tree.



a sunday walk in the country
sun on our backs and faces
and winter nowhere to be seen .  .   .



in the garden today
it was mild with a hint of spring .   .     .

have a lovely weekend!



making / playing
little tea parties + pottery circles :)



déjà vu, our second christmas
it always feels like the last few metres of a marathon race
the child blowing kisses is back at school
and we have been married twenty years .    .     .