and off she went
the little princess ghost
in her toilet roll crown
so much more confident than last year
blowing doily wand kisses through the car window
ready to face the monsters .     .      .




so many goodbyes these past few days
(one aunt, two godmothers, three boy cousins + papa)
a. is putting on a brave face
but is not always able to deal with the emotions.

here with my sister at a 'laundry' installation
in the old town moments before autumn came down  .    .      .

[all photos by my sister]


 explaining what happened at school today .   .     .

( and the mother behind the camera hoping for a lifetime of intimacy over water and biscuits )



warm day
   laundry day
family day



>  every morning, just before leaving for nursery school,
    engrossed in her dictionary that she cannot read

>  a pretty cotton raindrop dress from line+liv
   ( there's a birthday coming up .   .    .  )

>  a complimentary postcard, one of many beautiful images
    on the line+liv blog



outside our bedroom window

october skies, the first green shoots from bulbs and weeds -
i could almost break into a little dance
if it wasn't for this cold


on narcissism
(or why mothers need to be servants .  .   .  : )



[ tiny ernest bear  +
 white garland made by hand here ]


what if
the first raindrops fell
it's still so hot and humid .   .      .

but the early evenings
are bathed in soft 'wolf-light'
making it almost worthwhile.