porcelain reminders of
a little pilgrimage to le petit atelier de paris 
i didn't take any photographs
it felt almost wrong to disturb such peace

'the most magical shop in france?'
without a doubt.



a happy discovery on the web 


a. brought her first ever report home yesterday:

' .    .     .  timid but determined .    .     . '

' .    .    .   her vocabulary is vast! '

' she loves story time and will happily remind others that we need to be quiet so that everyone can hear'

there is also the little volcano temper issue, but at least she is returning to her 'lovely self' a bit more quickly than before. 

it's just so hard to believe she'll soon be graduating from nursery school .   .     .



tagged on at the end, a few hours in belgium
so the elf could see her best nursery friend 
who moved there last december

'are you scared, mummy, that m. and i 
will get together again?'
'i'm terrified, my sweet'

the little partners plunged straight back into 
their life of crime, it was a joy to watch
but mummy also threw furtive glances around -
what if we have to move here in a year or two,
now that anything is possible .   .     .



the chestnut trees were in bloom
in paris
and it was overcast but we didn't mind
out in the parks, the cobbles,
our comfortable little nest in the marais
(thank you dear p + b)
it was a wonderful time
even if not/never enough

and then - hop - onto another train
to drizzly brussels .    .     .



before the memories fade completely
some parma greys .    .     .

.     .       .      and ochres, of course

flower-shaped ice cream  
wide, theatrical squares to run free in 
a borrowed dog for company
we were happy to see our friends again
and do very, very little

then we took the train to paris



we are back and it was good!
trying to fit into the routine again
but it feels a little tight  .    .     .

i'll gather a few 'postcards' to share 
soon, hope you've been well!



καλή ανάσταση σ'αυτούς που γιορτάζουν 

(orthodox) easter sunday tomorrow
so late .   .    .  so hot .     .      .

and then we're off on a journey in the early hours
which will involve, if all goes well, a night train
across europe while it sleeps
a treat for a. but i think her parents 
were just looking for an excuse .   .    .

be very well + until soon