a dollshouseful of (maileg) mice put together 
at about five minutes to christmas
late nights of mattress/cushion/rug/lamp/quilt/book/bread/cheese-making + painting tiny furniture while she was at school in the mornings.

it was worth it in the end, we play for hours
(but have you noticed the 'we', you see the plan misfired,
it was really meant to be 'she' .   .     .  )



Metaxi Mas said...

I really wish I was a. today. I would play for hours with this and I am 34. I never played with dolls, but these little furnitures.....waw....

Amélie said...

How amazing ! we did the same for Elsa's Christmas... (not really easy to prepare everything secretely). And indeed it was worth it in the end, and we played too.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

Patrice A. said...

i have a mouse
like yours

alessandra said...

it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

ξενία : )
is there anything cuter
than this little mouse house?
and the little mouse itself!

thank you for the link!

sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

Oh Xenia....I think I died from cuteness overload. Not only cute but beautiful and meticulously crafted too. Lucky girl!

j said...

such a beautiful little house and adorable mouse!
i'd be right there on the floor with you both
xo, j

eau de nil said...

so glad you all liked it *

A > we called the prettiest she-mouse Elsa :)