a tiny, suspended vessel for jewellery:
rings inside the bowl,
fine bracelets or necklaces to hang from the little 'horns'.

hoping to get my hands dirty again soon .  .    .



Demetris said...

Beautiful way to get dirty hands X! Love your creations in pure white! How clinical and so clean.

evdokia t. said...

πολύ beautiful! ;)

eau de nil said...

D > thank you D μου!
ET > ευχαριστώverymuch ;)

Anonymous said...

great idea!

olga inoue said...

..love mine so much,
it's like saying hello to you
every time i look at this beauty

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thank you!

Amélie said...

so delicate
as are all your creations
filled with light and tenderness
... i imagine your dirty hand covered in pale grey dust...